The skills…. the experience……. and the knowledge is NOT the only thing necessary for getting and keeping a job - Employers want more!

What about your personality?  Your character? What of your values?

As a job seeker you should understand that employers are not just looking for skills and experience. They are also looking for positive values and attitudes that go way beyond qualifications or experience. What does your character say about you? And how will your attitude factor into retaining a job?

The Importance of Having Integrity and Good Character in the Workplace

There are job opportunities, promotions and contracts available; that may never be afforded to many persons within or even outside the workplace as they lack good character and integrity.  For instance people who are dishonest, undependable or unreliable are often over-looked and may never be granted certain opportunities, since these qualities often act as a barrier to growth and prosperity. The development of character and integrity positions us in a favourable light and therefore, allows us to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Our Choices

We all have choices and a free will to decide whether to do right, or wrong and such actions, though consequential, will determine how we are viewed by others. For example, your action in whether to abide by, or to break the law will determine whether you are viewed as a criminal, or a law abiding citizen. It is therefore our character that helps us to recognise and to avoid wrong doings.

Having good character and integrity helps us to spot negative opportunities that will result in failure and gives us the ability to identify and steer clear of negative actions; and the more we develop self-disciple the easier it is for us to make the right choices.

This is to say that everyone benefits from integrity in the workplace, since it sets the foundation for successful business relationships.


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