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J1 Work & Travel 2020
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Registration Re-Opened for the J1 Work and Travel Program
***Limited Time Only***

Dear Students:

Our Sponsor informed us that they are in need of extra students for the Summer Work and Travel Program 2020.

Securing a placement and getting a preferred job is based on a first come, first serve basis.  The window for processing applications is now very small; therefore registration must be completed and fees paid by March 13th.



About The Program

The US J1 Summer Work and Travel Program allows eligible International college and university students the opportunity to work and experience the American culture for up to four months during their school break. 



Registration Fee:  JA$2,500.00  -  Non Refundable

Program Fee:        US$1,375.00  

Orientation Fee:   JA$3,000.00   


Program Fee includes:               

Guaranteed job placements; DS-2019 form needed to apply for the J1 Visa; medical insurance for four months; SEVIS; assistance with housing and on-going support throughout the program.  It does not include Visa Voucher fee, airfare and housing expenses.

For full information on fees and cancellation policy - Click Here


Who Is Eligible?

Students who are:

  • Enrolled full-time in a college, or university
  • Between the ages of 18 and 29
  • Doing a degree course for a minimum of two years
  • Able to afford full program fee, plus a minimum of US$1,000 spending money
  • Willing to work hard, perform the duties outlined in the job description and agree to abide by the program rules
  • Able to stay in the United States through the duration of the program


Registration is ReOpened
Until March 13th
J1 Work & Travel 2020


Types of Jobs

Jobs are available in industries such as: Hotels/Resorts; Fast Food Restaurants; Summer Camps; Amusement Parks; National and State Parks; Retail Stores/Shops; etc.


Types of Positions

Cashiers and Store Clerks, Housekeepers, Food and Beverage Servers, Camp Counselors, Front Desks Agents, Cooks, Fast Food workers, Ride Operators for Theme Parks, General Maintenance, Life Guards, etc.


Salaries/Work Schedule

You will not be paid less than the minimum wage set by the U.S. Department of Labour.  Salaries are usually dependent on the type of job and chosen location; it could range from $8 – 13.00 an hour.

Please be reminded that the real purpose of the J1 Work and Travel Program is to experience the American culture by working and living in America and mainly to earn money to help offset the cost of your trip; not to earn lots of money.  Extra money can be earned from second jobs and accepting overtime.

The average working hours will be 35-40 hours.  Participants must be flexible and willing to work various shifts, including weekends.

Second Jobs

Under the J1 Work and Travel Guidelines, students are allowed to have a second job, which must first be approved by the J1 Sponsor, who will determine if the company meets the J1 Program requirements.  Accepting a second job without prior approval will result in immediate dismissal.

The first commitment should always be focused on the primary job.  It is always best to request as much overtime as possible rather than engage in a second job. 


Students are responsible for all housing expenses, (i.e. rent, utilities, food, etc.). Most jobs are offered with pre-arranged housing; however, this is not mandatory by the employer. If there is no pre-arranged housing, the employers and/or sponsors will assist students in finding affordable housing.

Housing deposit will range from $100.00 - $300.00 and weekly rent from $90.00 - $125.00.  It is a requirement that students bring a minimum of US$1,000.00 to cover these upfront expenses, prior to their first pay check.  All housings are vetted and pre-approved by your J1 Sponsor.

Medical Insurance

Insurance is mandatory and included in your Program Fee.  It is the minimum insurance required by US Federal regulations and arranged and purchased based on recommendation from the program sponsor.  It covers the entire period stated on your DS-2019 form.  For extra coverage than minimum insurance, it is recommended additional insurance taken out prior to leaving Jamaica.


Students are responsible for all travel expenses, airfare and ground transportation.  Flight arrangements will be booked by e-JAM and require a US$400.00 deposit paid by March 30, 2020. 


SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)

This is the web-based system that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to maintain information on all J1 Students in the United States. All participants on the Work and Travel Program are required to register their whereabouts electronically with the Depart of Homeland Security (DHS) through SEVIS.  If students fail to comply they will be terminated from the program.

Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

 All applicants are required to attend a pre-departure orientation at e-JAM’s office in Ocho Rios.




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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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