All fees are subject to change without notice


JA$2,500.00 - Non-Refundable - Deadline December 15, 2019

(Bank: Sagicor - A/C #5501240763 - E-JAM, Employment Jamaica Ltd.)



US$1,375.00 – Deadline - January 15, 2020

Bank: Sagicor - A/C #5501244955 - E-JAM, Employment Jamaica

Program Fee payment includes:  Job Placement, four months medical insurance, mandatory SEVIS fee and the DS-2019 form required for obtaining the J1 visa. It does not include airfare, Visa voucher fee and housing deposit.



US$700.00  - Deadline November 16, 2019

Program Fee deposit must be paid within five (5) business days after registration is confirmed.  The full US$700.00 deposit will be applied towards Program fee.



US$160.00 -  Non-refundable



JA$3,000.00 - Deadline December 15, 2019



US$400.00  -  Due March 15, 2020 and is refundable if visa is denied. 

Total amount is determined by the location of your job.  Final balance due immediately after visa is granted.


MANDATORY SPENDING MONEY - Minimum US$1,000.00 (Not collected by E-JAM)

US Immigration Officers requires that all J-1 participants have at least US$1,000.00 spending money upon entering the USA.  You will need to provide proof.  It is best to have Travelers Cheques, or cash for they may not accept bank statements as proof; accounts can be closed after a statement is printed.

This extra funds are to cover expenses prior to receiving your first pay check, i.e. housing deposit, transportation, food, etc.  In the event, for whatever reasons, you request to be placed in another job, you will need to cover your traveling expense, which could be in another state.



US$50.00  -  Late fee if payment deadlines are not met

US$20.00  -  Program Fee not paid in US Currency

US$200.00 - Reprint of DS2019 to correct error, or for new dates requested by applicants

US$200.00 - Reprint of damaged, lost or stolen DS2019

US$100.00 - Requests for friends to be placed at same location – for each friend.

NOTE:  Relocation Fee Expense – if you decide for whatever reason that you are not happy at your designated job and requests a new job, then you must have enough funds to be able to relocate, which could be in another state.



Program fee to be made in US Dollars ONLY and deposited in the format of a US Bank Draft, which can be purchased at any Financial Institution.

Payments can be made at: Sagicor Bank – US A/C #5501244955 - E-JAM, Employment Jamaica, Ltd. Please write your name on the receipts and email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Credit card payments accepted - please contact our office 974-3526, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




US $100.00 Deducted - if interviewed and denied by Sponsor and/or Employer.

US$100.00 Deducted - if cancel for any reason after application have been submitted to sponsor.

US$200.00 Deducted - if interviewed by Sponsor and/or Employer and waiting to confirm placement.

US$300.00 Deducted  - if cancel after accepting a job offer and prior to receiving the DS-2019 Form.

US$400.00 Deducted - If denied the J1 Visa at the US Embassy

  • NO REFUND - if cancel after DS-2019 Form is issued.
  • NO REFUND - Visa denied due to incorrect information, or forged document supplied by applicant.
  • NO REFUND - Once arrive in the US, if terminated from employment due to bad performance, or rule violations.                                                

NOTE: Cancellation must be confirmed in writing, signed, dated and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refunds will be issued only in U.S. Dollars and within 60 days from date of written notice.


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