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35% of Employers are no longer posting jobs, but actively search our website for Jobseekers.  Are you standing out from the crowd?

Become a Featured Jobseeker today and increase your profile visibility.


e-JAM services clients across all industries in Jamaica.   For our overseas market we specialize in servicing clients, mainly in the USA, Canada and UK, seeking unskilled seasonal workers, or skilled professionals.

Over the past year, e-JAM has seen an increase in employers using our website to search for potential employees, rather than for posting jobs. As a Jobseeker, if you are not visible enough online, it may just reduce your chances of getting called for an interview.  



The primary reasons for becoming a Featured Jobseeker are twofold:

- To quickly and easily identify qualified and talented candidates to satisfy the needs of employers who experience difficulty in finding good talent.
- To assist Jobseekers in finding the ideal job that match their skills and personality; by identifying the type of roles they are interested and establishing a professional online presence.


Due to our commitment to quality and finding top talent, we have raised the bar for our Featured candidates.  We are looking to register serious candidates with a minimum of three years experience in their field.  Our Featured candidates are placed in a pre-screened and verified pool, making it easier to be found by recruiters, or employers seeking qualified candidates.


Your name and personal details will not be shown and will not be passed on to any employer, or agency without your permission.  The service is completely confidential and anonymous.

Becoming an e-JAM Featured Jobseeker will heighten your visibility and get you in front of hiring managers.   Your profile will be displayed and reviewed quickly and easily.
Employers who signed up for our “Resume Distribution Service” will become aware of your profile as a Featured pre-screened candidate.  If your skill set matches what they are looking for, with your permission, your resume and contact information will be forwarded.

A complete registration includes the following:

-  completed online profile

-  updated resume

-  professional head shot photograph

-  copies of certificates and/or Degrees

- two professional references

-  video resume – giving employers an insight of your skills and personality (optional)



Once payment of US$75.00 is received you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a suitable time to review your profile and go over your resume.
E-JAM Prime is open to Jobseekers worldwide who wish to work in Jamaica. 





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Please Note:  
    You can choose to enable your profile to keep it private and to show only with your permission.
-    It is important to impress Employers/Recruiters with strong profile that highlights your skills, experiences and accomplishments.  There are paid services available if you need assistance.
-    Featured Jobseekers’ service does not guarantee a job with e-JAM.
-    To ensure our clients get the best quality candidates, profiles and resumes must be updated and presented well.   Applications will be evaluated and rejected if requirements are not met.

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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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