Recently e-JAM has had many requests from the US and UK for Healthcare workers, mainly RNs and Practical Nurses.  


In the UK, the recent Brexit development has resulted in an extreme shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers.  As an English-speaking country, they are desirous of employing Jamaican workers to assist with the demand for carers to service the ever-increasing senior population.


e-JAM has recently entered into partnership with a licensed healthcare provider, who is in contract with the NHS (UK Govt.), to provide various categories of nurses including senior care practitioners to service seniors in their homes.  


We are seeking experienced RNs and Practical Nurses interested in working in the UK.


Selected candidates will be qualified under the Health & Care Visa Program and considered a Skilled Worker, with a job offer contract for three years.  As a skilled worker you are entitled to work and stay in the UK for up to 60 months; leave and re-enter; study; bring your family as dependents and apply to stay longer.  After working continuously in the UK for five years, you will be eligible to apply for settlement visa.  The employer has decided to cover a large portion of the expenses, including airfare, with the hope that candidates will commit to at least two years of their contract.  Since the job includes home visits, a company car will also be provided.  


Interested parties, kindly view the job descriptions - Practical Nurse/Senior Care Worker / Registered Nurse and apply on



e-JAM is fully licensed by the Ministry of Labour for all employment activities, including foreign recruitment and placements.  Over the years we have partnered with reliable and reputable foreign agents and employers in placing workers under the USA J1 and H-2B Programs; seasonal and skilled workers in Canada and under the Skilled category in the UK.