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For J1 and H-2B Work Programs

US Tax Filling

If you’ve worked in the US on a J1, or H-2B Visa Program and paid tax, you could be entitled to a tax refund.

In accordance with US laws, J1 and H-2B participants who have worked in the United States are obligated to remit Federal taxes. Depending on which state you lived in while working, you may also be responsible for filing State taxes (States exempt from filing income tax include: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire South Dakota Tennessee Texas Washington & Wyoming).

To ensure that you receive your maximum legal tax refund regardless of your nationality, or country of origin - our highly qualified and reliable accountant can file both federal and state returns without fail.

*Tax preparation fees:
- Federal tax filing from $49.50
- State tax filing from $39.50
- Amended tax returns from $69.50
- Individuals with bank accounts outside of the US from $25.00

The following are required in advance:

- A deposit of $30.00
- Copies of your Social Security Card; Passport; US Visa; DS-2019 and I-94 (if available) and last payslips and W-2 forms from each employer

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LET e-JAM Tax Preparation Service assist you in getting your taxes filed early.

Your return will be prepared by a skilled US accountant. We will make sure you get every cent you deserve on your refund.
US Tax Filing Form
For J1 and H-2B Work Programs
Please fill out the form to get started!