WARNING – Be Aware of Scam Companies and/or Individuals Impersonating e-JAM’s Name Brand

Our company e-JAM, over the years has become one of Jamaica’s leading staffing agency, with offices in Jamaica and the U.S.  Apart from servicing the local JA market, we have helped hundreds of people find jobs in the U.S. and Canada.  Many of our Canadian positions leading to permanent residency for our workers.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that there are agencies, or individuals using e-JAM’s name to rob innocent people out of their hard earn money by promising them overseas employment.

Over the past year we have received numerous calls and emails from applicants to confirm payments to e-JAM for jobs that were advertised on Facebook, or via other channels.   Based on information received and in doing our own research, we have discovered that our name is being used to trick people into paying over money for the possibility of obtaining overseas employment.  The fraudsters have created fake email address similar to e-JAMs; we also discovered websites using many of the same graphics and contents

We suggest that all persons do their due diligence and research all firms or persons with whom they conduct business. Any reputable Recruiter should be willing to share their recruitment process and job details with Jobseekers.


  1. Recruit candidates unless we have a job order.
  2. Conduct business with any entity who is not a legitimate Employer, or an authorized representative of the company
  3. Accept cash payment – all payments are done either by bank deposit, transfer, or by credit card. You will never be instructed to deposit money into a personal account – our accounts are all business accounts.
  4. Request any payments before candidates are interviewed and offered a position.
  5. Charge applicants for H-2B jobs, all fees are paid by the Employer per US law.
  6. Offer a job to anyone under the assumption that they can work on a tourist visa.
  7. Work in partnership with anyone who claims to be acting on our behalf, i.e, training centres.

To avoid being scammed, we suggest that you apply only with recruitment agencies licensed by the Jamaica Ministry of Labour.  Also, do your research on Google, you will quickly find complaints from other applicants who have been burned.

Please listen to your gut feelings; don’t think it can never happen to you; smart people can be vulnerable at times of desperation.  When in doubt please contact e-JAM.


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