Whether you were job hunting before the Coronavirus Pandemic, or recently lost your job because of it, one thing is clear: Getting hired now isn’t going to be easy. Instead of getting frustrated, start Thinking Outside the Box and get creative.  As mentioned in our previous blog, start investing in yourself.

This is a follow up to our recent blog https://ejamjobs.com/prepare-for-your-job-search-during-covid-19.html

Take advantage of this downtime by preparing.

Employers search our website and download resumes of qualified candidates; having an updated resume on our website is crucial in getting an interview.  As mentioned in our earlier blog - we will be deleting all resume and profiles that are incomplete.  

1. We can’t stress enough how important it is to update your resume.  Many profiles we review are not updated and we have no idea what you do and the type of job you are after.  This downtime is perfect for updating your resume and profile.

2. Clean up your social media pages and get rid of content you would not want a potential Employer to see.  If you are a very social person, it might be a good idea to make your profile private.

3. Consider learning new skills, or enrolling in an online course to sharpen your current skill(s).

4. Have you considered doing part time, remote, freelance, or temporary work?

5. Apply only for jobs you are qualified for.

Remain Competitive and Consistent.

Not every industry slows, or closes down in an economic downturn.  Many people are still getting hired; the market is just more competitive.  The key is to identify the current needs of the changed market, match them with your skills, and don’t give up!

We anticipate local job openings for the following positions:

- Janitors
- Delivery Workers
- Customer service
- Teachers
- Healthcare Workers
- Grocery store and Warehouse Workers
- Package Handlers
- Accountants
- Drivers
- Security Guards

The outcome of this COVID-19 will bring forth major changes to the work work and possibly shift the way business operates.

It is no longer business as usual.