In today’s world, searching for your ideal job is never easy. In fact, the high unemployment rate in Jamaica is proof that generally finding a job, any job, is quite difficult; more so when you are seeking a job that suits your qualification, experience and skills.

After spending time evaluating your goals, networking and sending out applications you’ve finally managed to land an interview. You are ecstatic, but do you have what it takes to land the job? Will you be able to impress the interviewers and convince them that you are in fact the ideal candidate for the job?

We have provided the following tips that will help to improve your chances of a successful interview:

1.    Be aware of the type of job interview you will encounter.  There are many types of interviews; be prepared for them all. Find out beforehand whether you will be interviewed by an individual, a team or committee, in a group with other candidates, or individually by different people in a plan series of interviews.

2.    Research the company and its operations; the products they make, services they provide, upcoming major changes, etc.  A lot of this information can be obtained from the company’s website.  Employers are always impressed when you are knowledgeable about the company you are applying to be a part of and it shows initiative.

3.    Find out where the company is located in advance and plan your mode of transportation and how long it takes to get there.  Arrive 15 minutes to half an hour before your appointed time. Remember: Being late may be your first and last mistake!

4.    Preparation and a little practice beforehand will boost your confident and help calm your anxiety. Review your unique skills and qualities; study your resume and practice answering questions with a friend or video camera.  Try not to over rehearse or memorize your answers.

5.    Dress for success! When interviewing for a job you MUST dress the part. Your interview attire should reflect the type of job and the company you are applying for.  A professional suit (tailored) is usually most appropriate. Dressing the part creates a POSITIVE first impression and may give you a competitive edge over another candidate. (Please see our next article for details on dressing for success).

6.    Always take along with you to the interview: a pen, notepad, copy of your certificates, extra resumes, copy of references and a prepared list of questions to ask. This shows that you are organized and serious about the job you are applying for.

7.    When you arrive at the interview site take a moment to freshen up in the bathroom.  Use this time to get rid of any gum from your mouth and to turn off your cell phone.  If you are a nervous person, take several deep breaths and RELAX.

8.    Always remember that the interview begins when you arrive in the building; that the receptionist could be very influential in the final decision, so be on your best behavior.  Make eye contact with the interviewer; introduce yourself and shake hands firmly.  Sit down only when you are invited to do so and wait for the interviewer to talk first.

9.    Now is the time to show off the research you have done on the company. Show that you have the skills and competencies for the job and explain what you can do for the company.  Show that you have an interest in the organization and prove to the employer why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
10.    Listen keenly to the questions that are asked, take your time in answering and ensuring that the answers you provide are adequate and complete.  Be honest and don’t lie.  Don’t discuss your personal life and don’t flirt.

11.     Be ready to ask at least two questions from your prepared list whether the interviewers ask if you have any questions or not.

12.     If you are interested in the job be sure to let the interviewers know and ask them to describe the next steps in the process. Thank the interviewers for their time and interest then shake their hands.  Make sure you smile and thank the receptionist before leaving the building.

Remember, that though your resume is impressive, it is often the interview that determines whether or not you are selected for the job. Thus, preparation and practice prior to the interview will set you apart from others and could in fact land you the job.

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