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Many people believe that New Years is the perfect time to start thinking about changes and looking for a job.  They believe that during December companies are caught up with holiday vacations and rewriting budgets and not focusing on hiring. 


If finding a new job is on your list of resolutions there is no better time to start preparing than now.  We at e-JAM believe that December is the ideal time to start your job hunt instead of waiting until January.  Employers have already anticipated their staffing needs for 2018 and preparing to start recruiting for the New Year.


Reasons to get started


  1. Less Competition – Since most candidates will be taking a holiday break and spending less time seeking employment, it is easier to stand out from the crowd.


  1. Recruiters are less pressured and in a better mood – The festive season always put people in a better mind-set, which makes it a lot easier to secure an interview.


Finding a job takes work and requires certain tools that will enable you to stand out and be ahead of the competition.  Before you get started, consider how you can become an ideal candidate.



Ways to Become the Ideal Candidate for 2018


You must be clear about the following:


  1. Your Professional Goals and skills - What you want out of a job and the type of job that you are skilled to do.


  1. Your strengths and speciality areas? Employers are not seeking “Jack of all trades”, type candidates; they prefer candidates with specific skills, or strength in their particular field of work.


  1. Your elevator pitch – Are you ready to articulate and promote yourself briefly to an employer, highlighting your skills and accomplishments?



If you are clear on the type of job you want and are prepared in doing the work that it entails and willing to take action to stand out, then you will definitely succeed. 


However, if you are unclear on how best to start the process and need help, we at e-JAM have developed a basic plan that will help to jump-start your job search: resume and LinkedIn profile assistance and career coaching to identify your goals, objectives and skills.    Please contact us if you would like to be come the ideal candidate employers are looking for and jump-start your career for 2018.


By Yr

Managing Editor

e-JAM Team

For more on becoming the ideal candidate check out our series on How e-JAM is Raising the Bar on Recruitment



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Types of Jobs
Industries such as: Hotels/Resorts; Restaurants; Summer Camps; Amusement Parks; National and State Parks; Retail Stores/Shops; etc.

Types of Positions
Cashiers and Store Clerks, Housekeepers, Food and Beverage Servers, Camp Counsellors, Front Desk Agents, Cooks, Fast Food workers, Ride Operators for Theme Parks, General Maintenance, Life Guards, etc.

Salaries/Work Schedule
Salaries are usually dependent on the type of job and chosen location; it could range from $8 – 14.00 an hour.  The average working hours will be 35-40 hours.  Participants must be flexible and willing to work various shifts, including weekends and religious holidays.

Second Jobs
Under the J1 Work and Travel Guidelines, students are allowed to have a second job, which must first be approved by the J1 Sponsor, who will determine if the company meets the J1 Program requirements.  Accepting a second job without prior approval will result in immediate dismissal.  The first commitment should always be focused on the primary job.  It is always best to request as much overtime as possible rather than engage in a second job.

Students are responsible for all housing expenses, (i.e. rent, utilities, food, etc.). Most jobs are offered with pre-arranged housing; however, this is not mandatory by the employer. If there is no pre-arranged housing, the employers and/or sponsors will assist students in finding affordable housing.  Housing deposit will range from $200.00 - $300.00 and weekly rent from $100.00 - $125.00.  It is a requirement that students bring a minimum of US$1,500.00 to cover these upfront expenses, prior to their first pay check.  All housings are vetted and pre-approved by our J1 Sponsor.

Medical Insurance
Insurance is mandatory and included in your Program Fee.  Included is the basic insurance required by US Federal regulations and arranged and purchased based on recommendation from the program sponsor.  It covers the entire period stated on your DS-2019 form.  For extra coverage than basic insurance, students will have the option to upgrade from basic insurance coverage, or to have additional insurance taken out prior to leaving Jamaica.

Students are responsible for all travel expenses, airfare and ground transportation.  

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
This is the web-based system that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to maintain information on all J1 Students in the United States. All participants on the Work and Travel Program are required to register their whereabouts electronically with the Depart of Homeland Security (DHS) through SEVIS.  If students fail to comply they will be terminated from the program.

Mandatory Proof of Funds
This is not a fee to be paid, or collected by e-JAM.  US Immigration Officers requires that all J-1 participants have at least US$1,500.00 spending money upon entering the USA.  The extra funds are to cover expenses prior to receiving your first paycheck and to have in case of emergency.  You will be required to provide proof; bank statement may not be acceptable as proof, so it is best to carry Travelers cheques, or cash.

Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation
All applicants will be required to attend a pre-departure orientation.



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