Frequently Asked Questions - overseas jobs

FAQs - overseas jobs

No - E-JAM makes sure pre-arranged housing is provided.

Job offers are made prior to the completion of the visa approval process. A job offer does not guarantee visa approval; we highly recommend that you do not make travel arrangements, quit your job, and sell your car, etc. until you receive final approval.

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Although we have placed workers previously in Dubai and in the United Kingdom, currently most of our overseas placements are in the USA and Canada. 

In the USA, we offer seasonal employment for skilled and unskilled workers under the H2B Visa Program.  Summer Work/Travel for College and University students and Training/Internship Programs under the J1 Visa.  

For Canada we offer seasonal placements; also permanent placement opportunities for skilled workers.

Although the majority of overseas placements are during the spring and fall seasons, we recruit for new applicants throughout the year as employers start viewing resumes three to four months prior to their season's start date.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you register on our website – and upload an updated resume and photograph.  Please be sure to fill out the profile form completely and that your job title reflects the type of job you are applying for.  The website is usually the first place we search to find candidates for our clients. 

When we get H-2B jobs they go very quickly due to the very high demand; it could also be that we currently have no positions that you are eligible for.


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Although we are based in Jamaica, a large part of our business is placing jobseekers in positions overseas.  Here is more information on International Employment

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