Frequently Asked Questions - H-2B Visa Program

FAQs - H-2B Visa Program

You will be paid at the same pay rate as US employees doing the same job -  approximately $7:00 to $14.00 an hour.

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Start by visiting our website, select “Register” on the menu bar, from the drop down menu choose “US Employment” and complete the Application Form.  Please be sure to submit a copy of your resume.  Once we have positions available you will be contacted

There is no closing date for the H-2B Program, we accept application ongoing. Since this is a seasonal program (summer and winter) we usually get more job enquiries around June to August for the Winter Program and December to March for the Spring/Summer Program.


Workers can return for consecutive years if an Employer requests them back.  However, in some circumstances workers may need to remain in their home country for three months (or more) before re-applying for another visa. If the individual is currently in the United States on an H-2B visa, they may extend the visa for up to three consecutive years.


The J-1 Visa is completely different; you will need to apply as a new H-2B applicant.




When the H-2B workers arrive at their job destination employers are required to assist them in applying for their Social Security Card.




H-2B workers must be paid the same rate as U.S. workers in the same position and industry.  The rate is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor, compiled by state and county.


To be in the US currently on an H-2B visa and apply for an extension for another season with a new employer before your H-2B visa expires. You can gain extensions up to three years before you are required to return to Jamaica.


In order for E-JAM to assist you in finding a job we MUST have a resume to present to potential employers.  E-JAM provides a Resume Service that can assist you in creating, or updating your resume.




The H-2B Program is seasonal (Spring and Winter), therefore we usually either post jobs on our website, or search our resume database for qualified applicants during the months of June – August and December to March.


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