FAQs - H-2B Visa Program

When we get H-2B jobs they go very quickly due to the very high demand; it could also be that we currently have no positions that you are eligible for.


The H-2B visa nonimmigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services, or labor in positions that would otherwise go unfilled.

Employers must be labor certified by their State Labor Department and the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.  They must demonstrate that they have either a one-time, seasonal, peak-load or intermittent basis and can only hire H-2B workers if qualified U.S, workers are not available to do the job.

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·      Be at least 18 years of age

·      Be willing to work in unskilled positions

·      Have a valid job offer from an US Employer to perform seasonal work

·      Must have intermediate level of English




There are NO fees involved in going on the H-2B Program (Regulatory changes in 2008 prohibit the employer, its attorney and agent to receive payment from workers relating to H-2B Employment)

H-2B Employers are responsible for paying – agency recruitment fees and the workers’ transportation and visa voucher fees.  H-2B workers are responsible for all their housing costs and related expenses.

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Some of the places that hire H-2B workers are:  hotels, country clubs, resorts restaurants, national parks, theme parks, ski resorts, landscaping and construction.


  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Earn the same wage as a US worker for the same position
  • Skilled and unskilled workers with no formal education may apply.
  • Support in obtaining the H-2B visa. 
  • Employers often request the same workers to return year after year.


  • Banquet Attendant
  • Bellhop
  • Cashier
  • Construction Worker
  • Cook
  • Dining Room Attendant
  • Dishwasher
  • Housekeeper
  • Food Preparation Worker
  • Forest Worker
  • Host and Hostess
  • Hotel Clerk
  • Landscape Worker
  • Laundry Attendant
  • Lifeguard
  • Ski Instructor
  • Ski Lift Operator
  • Waiter / Waitress




To qualify to extend your visa status, you must be inside the U.S. and have a valid H-2B visa.  Or if outside the U.S., have worked on a H-2B visa before.


You can stay on a H-2B Visa for up to one year.  You can also file for an extension for a maximum of three years.

Although there is no age limit, generally most employers accept persons 18 - 50.

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