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Please contact [email protected] to find out what the current fee is for listing your job fair, school, or agency.

Once you are finished posting your job, it is automatically sent to us for approval. After we approve your job posting, it is activated and posted live on the site. The entire process is usually completed within two hours. If you do not see your posting live on the site within four hours, please contact us and we will check on the status of your posting.

It is free for employers to register on  We have several options to choose from depending on your needs. Click for pricing options.


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Step 1: An application must be filed with the state labor office. The application must include proof that the employer’s need for workers is temporary.


Step 2: A labor certification must be obtained from the Regional Department of Labor stating that no U.S. workers are available to the employer. This step requires advertising in the local area newspaper.


Step 3: A petition with the labor certification attached is filed with the USCIS.


Step 4: The USCIS issues the Petition Approval and notifies the appropriate U.S. Consulate.

Employers can search our database and view as many jobseekers’ profiles as they want for free before purchasing jobseekers contact information.  Contact information is provided by jobseekers as part of the registration process and can be purchased and downloaded by employers immediately after their selection.

E-JAM’s online recruitment solution is an alternative to the traditional agencies and offline advertising.  Our online service has some obvious benefits:  it is an effective way of reaching a wider pool of candidates island-wide and globally; it significantly reduces your cost-per-hire; reduces your time-to-hire and enhances your employer brand.


Contact E-JAM right away (876) 974-3526, or email [email protected].   Whave many persons who registered in our office and not listed in our database.

Please click Advertise with us to find out the current fee for advertising on our website.

E-JAM provides the below two recruitment options; based on the requirements of the Company, we will advertise your job vacancy through any one, or a combination of means, such as: external advertising; in house search of existing data bank; through social media communities and headhunting.



Option 1 - Do It Yourself Online:  Employers/Recruiters can register as a first time user; (or login) on our secured website –, select a plan option and post job ad(s), with all responses going directly to their inbox. Or, purchase to search and download selected jobseekers’ contact information. Our staff is always available to assist with your online postings. Job alerts are also sent out to registered jobseekers of all online job ads.



Option 2 – Let E-JAM Work For You:  You will be assigned a trained consultant, who will take your order; advertise your vacancies online and send job alerts to our network of registered jobseekers; with responses going to E-JAM.  After assessments of the relevant skills and interviews, E-JAM will send resumes of short listed appropriate candidates to the Company for their review. Based on the Company’s input, E-JAM would arrange for interviews with Company personnel.  This option will save you an extraordinary amount of time and money spent sifting through resumes, many of which are unqualified.


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e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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