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Many employers do not want to advertise to the public that they are recruiting for employees and therefore pay to search our database for suitable candidates.  The website is also the first place we search to find candidates for job orders that are not posted.  To keep you abreast of latest jobs, we send out job alerts of new positions as they come in.

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Including a photo and video with your online resume will definitely make a difference; it maximizes your resume ranking on our website and increases your chance of being noticed.  Most importantly, it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

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Although it is free to register and upload your resume and photograph on; for a fee of $25.00, our Featured Jobseekers’ service is an option for you to stand out from the crowd.  Being listed as a Featured Jobseeker will give you more exposure; employers will have immediate access to your profile from the home page of our website and from Newsletters sent out.  For more information –

First, go to our website menu bar and click Registration.  You can select to register FREE, or choose one of our upgraded options.  Please be sure to fill out the profile form completely and that your job title reflects the type of job you are applying for.  If you need assistance registering online contact [email protected]

If you still need additional information, or wish to speak to a representative personally, please call our office and arrange an in-office registration appointment – 876-974-3526.  There is a cost of $2,500.00 to register in office.


It depends on the needs of our clients as well as your marketability, including your skills, availability and flexibility.  When an employer uses to search for applicants and if your resume fits their search criteria, then they have the option to decide whether or not to contact you.   By adding a photo and video to your resume will increase your position in the search listing and your chances of being noticed.

E-JAM suggests you check your existing resume regularly to list any new work experience, skills developed, equipment or software abilities and if you are attending any training courses, or joined any organization.  Having an updated resume will increase your chances of getting it noticed by employers.  Always make sure your resume is tailored towards the type of industry, or profession you are seeking by listing relevant skills, achievements and responsibilities

 When employers post jobs, they are requested to place their job opening under a specified category. The jobseeker is able to use the search tool within that category to locate a particular job title.



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Persons seeking to obtain a work permit are required to make an application to the Work Permit Section of the Jamaica Ministry of Labour and Social Security through their prospective employer, contractor (individuals), the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (Jampro – Investors) or through legal representation.   For more information –

We sincerely regret that due to the large amount of resumes received, we are currently unable to respond personally to all applicants.  Despite that, we can assure you that we do review all resumes received and try to respond to the applicants whose background and experience meet the requirements of the open position.  Some applicants are contacted within a short time, based on the requirements of our clients, others categorized to review for future openings.  Most times, resumes are sent to our clients and they select persons that they want to interview.

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E-JAM is constantly posting new opportunities. If you don’t find a match this time, come back soon and try again. Plus, job alerts are sent out to registered jobseekers for jobs not posted on our website.

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