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Many employers do not want to advertise to the public that they are recruiting for employees and therefore pay to search our database for suitable candidates.  The website is also the first place we search to find candidates for job orders that are not posted.  To keep you abreast of latest jobs, we send out job alerts of new positions as they come in.

Including a photo and video with your online resume will definitely make a difference; it maximizes your resume ranking on our website and increases your chance of being noticed.  Most importantly, it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Although it is free to register and upload your resume and photograph on; for a fee of $25.00, our Featured Jobseekers’ service is an option for you to stand out from the crowd.  Being listed as a Featured Jobseeker will give you more exposure; employers will have immediate access to your profile from the home page of our website and from Newsletters sent out.  For more information –

First, go to our website menu bar and click Registration.  You can select to register FREE, or choose one of our upgraded options.  Please be sure to fill out the profile form completely and that your job title reflects the type of job you are applying for.  If you need assistance registering online contact [email protected]

If you still need additional information, or wish to speak to a representative personally, please call our office and arrange an in-office registration appointment – 876-974-3526.  There is a cost of $2,500.00 to register in office.


It depends on the needs of our clients as well as your marketability, including your skills, availability and flexibility.  When an employer uses to search for applicants and if your resume fits their search criteria, then they have the option to decide whether or not to contact you.   By adding a photo and video to your resume will increase your position in the search listing and your chances of being noticed.

E-JAM suggests you check your existing resume regularly to list any new work experience, skills developed, equipment or software abilities and if you are attending any training courses, or joined any organization.  Having an updated resume will increase your chances of getting it noticed by employers.  Always make sure your resume is tailored towards the type of industry, or profession you are seeking by listing relevant skills, achievements and responsibilities

 When employers post jobs, they are requested to place their job opening under a specified category. The jobseeker is able to use the search tool within that category to locate a particular job title.



Persons seeking to obtain a work permit are required to make an application to the Work Permit Section of the Jamaica Ministry of Labour and Social Security through their prospective employer, contractor (individuals), the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (Jampro – Investors) or through legal representation.   For more information –

We sincerely regret that due to the large amount of resumes received, we are currently unable to respond personally to all applicants.  Despite that, we can assure you that we do review all resumes received and try to respond to the applicants whose background and experience meet the requirements of the open position.  Some applicants are contacted within a short time, based on the requirements of our clients, others categorized to review for future openings.  Most times, resumes are sent to our clients and they select persons that they want to interview.

E-JAM is constantly posting new opportunities. If you don’t find a match this time, come back soon and try again. Plus, job alerts are sent out to registered jobseekers for jobs not posted on our website.

We do not sell your information. We have made the site as secure as possible. However, anytime you post personal information on the Internet you take a risk of having your information seen. Please note; we are not responsible for any information that is posted on our site.

An appropriate photograph would be one with a clear background and with enough light to see your image; you being the only person in it and taken from either the neck up, or waist up.  Before taking the photograph you should dress as if you are going for an interview and be sure to smile.

Due to the enormous amount of traffic that we were getting on a daily basis, we no longer do office walk-ins, or open registrations.  You have the option to Register FREE online through our website (  

If you need in-office assistance in registering online, or wish to speak to a representative personally, there is an in-office registration fee of JA$2,500.00. Click here for full in-office registration information and requirements.


When employers search our database they see the same lists of Industries and occupations available to jobseekers.  If the specific occupation or industry you are seeking does not appear on our list, choose one that is closes to what you are looking for.  It is important that you select the correct job title when submitting your resume; this will make it easier for you to be found.


E-JAM, Employment Jamaica, Ltd. has been in the business of overseas recruitment since 2005. We have placed many Jobseekers in various positions to satisfied employers across the Jamaica, United States, UAE, and Canada.

1. Login to your account.

2. Click on the icon that says "Job Alerts".

3. Click on "Create New Job Alert".

4.  Fill out the form to your specifications.  If you want to receive all jobs that get posted, just type in a job alert name, leave everything else blank and click "Save".


E-JAM will review your resume and contact you when there is an employer who is looking for someone with your skills and experience.  

We will work with you to get a clearer picture of the type of job you want and how to go about obtaining it. We do this by career coaching, resume and job searching assistance.

Please note that the Employers are the ones that make the final decision as to who they interview and hire.  Although we have placed many applicants, we cannot guarantee a job offer or an interview.






Many candidates are not aware that they have a great deal to offer. They just have a difficult time in writing and structuring a resume and lack confidence in presenting themselves to an Employer.  Check this link for information on our Resume Writing and Job Search Services - Resume Services

We believe that there is a job out there for everyone; it is just for you to find it. Our Career Coaching sessions can assist you in determining the best career or job for you. We will help you take inventory of yourself and identifying your personality type.

Not necessarily, but if you are just starting out or moving into a new field with no experience, you must accept that you may have to start from the bottom up. With that comes lower pay, but an opportunity to gain new experiences to add to your resume.

You are never too old! We work with people of all ages; getting a job is mostly determined by your skills and what you are physically capable of doing. Some employers prefer mature individuals who are at the top of their profession with a dependable and reliable track record.

Yes we can, our career coaches help you discover available options that would be ideal for you. We help you to figure out where you are now and where you want to go.

Although we are based in Jamaica, a large part of our business is placing jobseekers in positions overseas.  Here is more information on International Employment

We most certainly do! We not only assist you in finding a job, we provide insight into Jamaican culture and advice on obtaining a work permit.

Yes, E-JAM is registered to do local and overseas placement for the past eleven years.


E-JAM will review your resume and contact you when there is an employer who is looking for someone with your skills and experience.  Please note that the Employers are the ones that make the final decision as to who they interview and hire.  Although we have placed many applicants, we cannot guarantee a job offer or an interview.

After you register and submit your resume, you will be categorized in our database based on the information you included.  Once a position becomes available that matches your work history, you will be contacted.  How soon you are contacted is based on the needs of our clients and your marketability; including your skills, availability and flexibility.

Although it is FREE to register online with, for a small fee Jobseekers can choose to upgrade to one of the below Registration package.  These options are designed to help fast track your job search and to make it easier for local and/or international employers to find you.

Click the below links to review and select an upgraded registration option:



E-JAM Featured


We no longer accept resumes, or job application by post, email, or drop-off at the office.  All registration and submitting of application/resume is done online (  Our website is set up in a format that enables you to search jobs and allow recruiters to match you to their position.  It is therefore important you complete your profile correctly.


Once you travel back to Jamaica you will need a new H-2B visa in order to return.  Your current H-2B visa is assigned for a specific job with an end date and is only legal for working at that job.

There is no fee to go on the H-2B Program.  It is illegal to collect fees from H-2B workers, therefore the Employers covers all expenses, including airfare and visa voucher charges.

Yes, you can, but there is no guarantee when you will get a job as the H-2B jobs are few and hundreds of workers apply for these jobs.  Bear in mind that the employer decides who they want to hire from the selection of candidates put forward, plus it also depends if the state you prefer has H-2B jobs available.

Through e-JAM we make sure accommodation are available for our workers before they leave Jamaica.

If you have not received your e-JAM Account Activation Email, please check your Spam folder for the message containing the activation link.

If you do not see the email in Spam please visit our Support Center and submit an Account Activation Form

To get immediate assistance, please contact 876-974-3585, 954-272-9233, or email [email protected].

Please contact [email protected] to find out what the current fee is for listing your job fair, school, or agency.

Once you are finished posting your job, it is automatically sent to us for approval. After we approve your job posting, it is activated and posted live on the site. The entire process is usually completed within two hours. If you do not see your posting live on the site within four hours, please contact us and we will check on the status of your posting.

It is free for employers to register on  We have several options to choose from depending on your needs. Click for pricing options.


Step 1: An application must be filed with the state labor office. The application must include proof that the employer’s need for workers is temporary.


Step 2: A labor certification must be obtained from the Regional Department of Labor stating that no U.S. workers are available to the employer. This step requires advertising in the local area newspaper.


Step 3: A petition with the labor certification attached is filed with the USCIS.


Step 4: The USCIS issues the Petition Approval and notifies the appropriate U.S. Consulate.

Employers can search our database and view as many jobseekers’ profiles as they want for free before purchasing jobseekers contact information.  Contact information is provided by jobseekers as part of the registration process and can be purchased and downloaded by employers immediately after their selection.

E-JAM’s online recruitment solution is an alternative to the traditional agencies and offline advertising.  Our online service has some obvious benefits:  it is an effective way of reaching a wider pool of candidates island-wide and globally; it significantly reduces your cost-per-hire; reduces your time-to-hire and enhances your employer brand.


Contact E-JAM right away (876) 974-3526, or email [email protected].   Whave many persons who registered in our office and not listed in our database.

Please click Advertise with us to find out the current fee for advertising on our website.

E-JAM provides the below two recruitment options; based on the requirements of the Company, we will advertise your job vacancy through any one, or a combination of means, such as: external advertising; in house search of existing data bank; through social media communities and headhunting.



Option 1 - Do It Yourself Online:  Employers/Recruiters can register as a first time user; (or login) on our secured website –, select a plan option and post job ad(s), with all responses going directly to their inbox. Or, purchase to search and download selected jobseekers’ contact information. Our staff is always available to assist with your online postings. Job alerts are also sent out to registered jobseekers of all online job ads.



Option 2 – Let E-JAM Work For You:  You will be assigned a trained consultant, who will take your order; advertise your vacancies online and send job alerts to our network of registered jobseekers; with responses going to E-JAM.  After assessments of the relevant skills and interviews, E-JAM will send resumes of short listed appropriate candidates to the Company for their review. Based on the Company’s input, E-JAM would arrange for interviews with Company personnel.  This option will save you an extraordinary amount of time and money spent sifting through resumes, many of which are unqualified.


The reason why some of a candidate’s resume information is hidden from view is that you have not purchased resume searching. If you have already purchased resume viewing and are still unable to view entire resume information please contact us at [email protected].


You have the option to check a box on the registration form to avoid applicants seeing the name and contact information of the company. When applicants respond to your job offer, they are directed to click on a link to apply to your posting. Once they do this, all of their contact information and resume are saved in your account mail box. You can access the information when you login to our site and click jobs on the menu bar.

We realize that the personal touch is still the best recruiting tool; therefore we combine online recruitment with a personal touch.  Employers have the option to take advantage of our account management option whereby E-JAM will do the work by reviewing resumes and short-listing candidates.  Online Customer Service/Technical Support is available 24 hours to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met quickly and efficiently at all times.

No - E-JAM makes sure pre-arranged housing is provided.

There is no guarantee that once you have a confirmed job that you will be granted a visa; this is subject to INS and Embassy/Consulate approval.

Job offers are made prior to the completion of the visa approval process. A job offer does not guarantee visa approval; we highly recommend that you do not make travel arrangements, quit your job, and sell your car, etc. until you receive final approval.

Any cost involved will usually depend on the job and the laws of the country where you will be working. 

For the H-2B Visa Program - there is NO placement fee charged to applicants, E-JAM's fee is paid by the employers.  Also, employers will reimburse your airfare and visa voucher costs.

US J1 Programs - Applicants will pay a program fee, airfare and visa voucher.

For Canada there is no program fee charged to applicants, but there maybe a fee to an Immigration Attorney, or Consultant to assist in the preparation of application forms in order to apply for a Work Permit.   For some jobs employers will pay the airfare.

Please note: Housing deposit, monthly rent and utilities are applicants responsibility.

You meet the criteria for a J-1 exchange visitor visa if you are going to the United States as a student, scholar, trainee, teacher, professor, research assistant, medical graduate or international visitor who is participating in a program of studies, training research or cultural enrichment specifically designed for such individuals by the United States Department of State, through its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs –

The age limit is generally 18-50, for the H2B Visa program, although for some employers there are no age limit.  For the J1 Programs - 18-30.

Although we have placed workers previously in Dubai and in the United Kingdom, currently most of our overseas placements are in the USA and Canada. 

In the USA, we offer seasonal employment for skilled and unskilled workers under the H2B Visa Program.  Summer Work/Travel for College and University students and Training/Internship Programs under the J1 Visa.  

For Canada we offer seasonal placements; also permanent placement opportunities for skilled workers.

Although the majority of overseas placements are during the spring and fall seasons, we recruit for new applicants throughout the year as employers start viewing resumes three to four months prior to their season's start date.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you register on our website – and upload an updated resume and photograph.  Please be sure to fill out the profile form completely and that your job title reflects the type of job you are applying for.  The website is usually the first place we search to find candidates for our clients. 

E-JAM does not provide immigration services for persons seeking employment overseas and is not authorized to provide advice, guidance or representation.

No, you are not obligated to retain the immigration services offered through E-JAM.  It is advisable to use such a service because of their expertise and knowledge in immigration matters.  They provide representation services for applicants before the Canadian Embassy, i.e. preparation of application forms and all supporting documentation; follow up, when necessary, with Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials regarding the status of application; assistance and advice in preparation for interview with visa officials (should an interview be necessary) and answer any questions an applicant may have regarding her/his visa application.

Please note that it is not the responsibility of E-JAM, or your prospective employer to process your immigration application; it is your responsibility.  E-JAM’s experience is that using such a service increases the chance of obtaining a work permit. 

When we get H-2B jobs they go very quickly due to the very high demand; it could also be that we currently have no positions that you are eligible for.


The H-2B visa nonimmigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services, or labor in positions that would otherwise go unfilled.

Employers must be labor certified by their State Labor Department and the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.  They must demonstrate that they have either a one-time, seasonal, peak-load or intermittent basis and can only hire H-2B workers if qualified U.S, workers are not available to do the job.

·      Be at least 18 years of age

·      Be willing to work in unskilled positions

·      Have a valid job offer from an US Employer to perform seasonal work

·      Must have intermediate level of English




There are NO fees involved in going on the H-2B Program (Regulatory changes in 2008 prohibit the employer, its attorney and agent to receive payment from workers relating to H-2B Employment)

H-2B Employers are responsible for paying – agency recruitment fees and the workers’ transportation and visa voucher fees.  H-2B workers are responsible for all their housing costs and related expenses.

Some of the places that hire H-2B workers are:  hotels, country clubs, resorts restaurants, national parks, theme parks, ski resorts, landscaping and construction.


  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Earn the same wage as a US worker for the same position
  • Skilled and unskilled workers with no formal education may apply.
  • Support in obtaining the H-2B visa. 
  • Employers often request the same workers to return year after year.


  • Banquet Attendant
  • Bellhop
  • Cashier
  • Construction Worker
  • Cook
  • Dining Room Attendant
  • Dishwasher
  • Housekeeper
  • Food Preparation Worker
  • Forest Worker
  • Host and Hostess
  • Hotel Clerk
  • Landscape Worker
  • Laundry Attendant
  • Lifeguard
  • Ski Instructor
  • Ski Lift Operator
  • Waiter / Waitress




To qualify to extend your visa status, you must be inside the U.S. and have a valid H-2B visa.  Or if outside the U.S., have worked on a H-2B visa before.


You can stay on a H-2B Visa for up to one year.  You can also file for an extension for a maximum of three years.

Although there is no age limit, generally most employers accept persons 18 - 50.

You will be paid at the same pay rate as US employees doing the same job -  approximately $7:00 to $14.00 an hour.

Start by visiting our website, select “Register” on the menu bar, from the drop down menu choose “US Employment” and complete the Application Form.  Please be sure to submit a copy of your resume.  Once we have positions available you will be contacted

There is no closing date for the H-2B Program, we accept application ongoing. Since this is a seasonal program (summer and winter) we usually get more job enquiries around June to August for the Winter Program and December to March for the Spring/Summer Program.


Workers can return for consecutive years if an Employer requests them back.  However, in some circumstances workers may need to remain in their home country for three months (or more) before re-applying for another visa. If the individual is currently in the United States on an H-2B visa, they may extend the visa for up to three consecutive years.


The J-1 Visa is completely different; you will need to apply as a new H-2B applicant.




When the H-2B workers arrive at their job destination employers are required to assist them in applying for their Social Security Card.




H-2B workers must be paid the same rate as U.S. workers in the same position and industry.  The rate is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor, compiled by state and county.


To be in the US currently on an H-2B visa and apply for an extension for another season with a new employer before your H-2B visa expires. You can gain extensions up to three years before you are required to return to Jamaica.


In order for E-JAM to assist you in finding a job we MUST have a resume to present to potential employers.  E-JAM provides a Resume Service that can assist you in creating, or updating your resume.




The H-2B Program is seasonal (Spring and Winter), therefore we usually either post jobs on our website, or search our resume database for qualified applicants during the months of June – August and December to March.


After registration, your application and resume will be reviewed and if you are qualified for any potential H-2B jobs you will be placed in our pre-screened pool of candidates.  When jobs become available that matches your experience you will be contacted


The resume is the first thing a Hiring Manager wants to see, so if you do not submit a current resume you will not be considered.


To register with e-JAM please visit REGISTER NOW

To register with e-JAM all applicants must have a current resume, professional heads hot photograph and proof of certification/degree if applicable

To register for H-2B Recruitment please register as a JOBSEEKER and select H-2B under “I AM INTERESTED IN”

To register for e-JAM’s J1 Work and Travel or Training and Internship Program please complete our J1 PRE-REGISTRATION FORM

To register for Canada Recruitment please register as a JOBSEEKER and select Canada under “I AM INTERESTED IN”

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e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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