Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

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Are You a H-2B Worker Currently in the USA?
e-JAM can assist H-2B Visa workers of all nationalities with finding a new employer to extend their stay in the U.S. after their current H-2B contract expires.

10+ years in Recruitment has privileged us to hear and experience the highs and lows of Recruitment.   Two things repeated often:


"I go through X amount of employees per year. It costs me X amount of dollars to hire and these people never work out...."


"I spend time and money hiring, time and money training and these employees just don't last”


This sentiment is echoed over and over again by Employers across every industry, at all hiring levels. From Hiring Managers in hospitality, retail, finance and more, Recruitment seems to be a puzzle many have not readily worked out.


Hiring, training and turn-over is a costly fact of business. Costly in time, energy and money. Still, there can be no work done without the people to create the goods and provide the services that sustain our companies. So it is a cost every business owner must bare.


Recruiting and hiring new employees and team members IS work.  At e-JAM, we refine the process and perform the task as efficiently as possible through our user-friendly software and expert Recruiters.  With pre-screened and diversely qualified candidates on the ready, we can alleviate the stress of what once was a tedious and costly process.


It saves to get it right!


Connect with e-JAM today to see how our combination of new technology and a detailed vetting and focused recruiting process to kick-off your New Year hiring campaign right!  CONTACT US for more details.


 e-JAM has conducted successful recruitment campaigns with top firms locally and internationally






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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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