Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

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Finding the right person that both fills your open position and fits your company culture is now harder than ever.

The market for good employees has never been more competitive and businesses are fighting tooth and nail to land their next new hire. We have put together a few tips on how you can improve your chance of landing the best person for your business.

  •   Plan and execute your recruiting strategy
  •   Define the role you are filling
  •   Embrace digital trends and social media
  •   Write detailed job descriptions as if you were applying for that job
  •   Improve your interview process
  •   Follow up with job candidates

Having a sound recruiting strategy will help the process of making a new hire smooth and consistent.  The recruitment strategy should define the steps your recruiters or hiring team should follow when filling an opening. This policy should include your company’s hiring goals, marketing plan, screening and interviewing process.

Defining what role the next person to join your team will play is paramount.  Knowing roles helps team dynamics, leading to more efficient and productive work environments. It also helps the hiring manager to determine what skills, traits and characteristics to look for in the candidates they will be interviewing for this position.

Your company’s employer brand should be well defined and attractive to prospective employees. Embrace digital trends and use social media to connect with the community to show what it is like working for your company. Having a great brand is not just important in selling a product or a service, it also determines the type of person that is willing to work for you.  

Aim to improve your interview process using the following strategies:

- Have a standardised list of questions that will help translate consistency and transparency to the prospective applicant. 

- Ensure that your interviews are fair across the board.

- Use a rating system.

- Create a list of abilities and attributes your company needs in the person you are looking to hire and formulate a system to measure and quantify these traits. Use this to keep score of your candidates. This is another way to ensure that your interview process is fair, allowing you to screen for bias. Ensuring that the person you extend the job offer to is, in fact, the best screened candidate using an objective process.

 - Learn about your prospect. We all have heard how important it is for the jobseekers to know about the company, but as a recruiter or hiring manager it always helps to know something about the person you are interviewing. Review their resume to get a sense of their strengths; what are their interests and use this information to build a report with the candidate.

- Be sure to follow up with candidates after interviews. Job-seeking can be a job in itself.  It is important to let applicants know yes or no if they have been made an offer after an interview. Be as transparent and constructive as possible. Having open communication sets a tone and will help solidify your employer brand. This also allows you the opportunity to stay on good terms with potential future applicants, as someone may not be the best fit now, but later on could help fill another role in your organisation.

 e-JAM can partner with you for full service recruitment solutions for full time, part-time and contract employees.  Contact us at 954-272-8233 and speak with a Recruiter today.

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