Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

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This new partnership, will give employers more options in reaching a wider range of quality talent with the required skill sets and flexibility that match their work environment.
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Employers can increase the number of qualified candidates applying for their job with a good job description.

We talk a lot about thoroughly pre-screening candidates and ensuring that they have an updated resume, with the hope of finding qualified candidates that our clients are demanding. 

 The truth is, candidates are not the only ones that need pre-screening and to provide detailed information. Todays Jobseekers are demanding more than just information about the position they are applying for and the type of company.  They want to know about the company’s image, training, advancement/promotion opportunities, flexible working hours, benefits, etc.

 In order to attract and hire qualified candidates, it is important that Employers find creative ways in making their job descriptions opening attractive to potential candidates.  Not only should the job description clearly outline what the job entails and what the person is expected to do, it should include information about the company’s image, vision and mission.  Jobseekers want to get an insight into the type of work environment and the benefits of working for their company. 

 A well-written job description is a great tool to learn about and to pre-screen a company; it gives potential employees a clear understanding of the core requirements of the job and a good sense of the company’s culture.

 e-JAM is always available to assist our clients in writing a winning Job Description that gets results. 

By YR,

Contributing Editor,

e-JAM Team


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e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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