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The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused many businesses to redefine their business model, e-JAM is no exception. Our office is still operating with reduced office hours and our staff working mostly from home, until further notice. Although we are not always available to be reached by phone, we are always available to answer your inquiries through our website. – click support.

We wish everyone well and to remain in good health!

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Job market slow? Start freelancing & search for on and off-line jobs.

Job market slow? Start freelancing & search for on and off-line jobs.

Job market slow? Start freelancing & search for on and off-line jobs.


e-JAM requires an online profile consisting of a current resume and completed registration form

Assisted Registration caters to the Jobseekers who prefer a personal registration process.

How do I register with e-JAM? How to register your account and apply for jobs.


FREE Registration

Our Registration is always FREE, but if you need assitance we can help with these other options.

Assisted Registration

You send us your resume & proifle picrure and we create your profile for you.

$25 USD

Phone / Video

15 minute phone or video consultation to answer questions pertaining to our job programs. Also includes a resume review & assisted registration (if needed).

$50 USD



 Make no mistake; companies are researching candidates online prior to the interview…you should do the same!


A common question asked by Hiring Managers – “Tell me what you know about our company?  If you are not able to answer that question, you will find that the interview will end very quickly.


Competition is intense – with easy access to the Internet, there is absolutely no excuse, but you must be willing to invest the time.


Resources that will assist you in your research:


·      The first place to start is the company’s website and social media sites (LinkedIn & Facebook); it is their marketing tool and will give a clear insight of the company’s brand.

 ·      Local Newspapers

 ·      Trade Magazine

 ·      Company’s Annual Report

 ·      Press Releases

 ·      General Google Research


Some ideas on what you should know about the company:


·      Their Mission Statement and Values

 ·      Size, location(s) and history

 ·      About CEO and the person who will be doing the interview

 ·      What services, or products they offer

 ·      Who are some of their main clients

 ·      Who are their main competitors

 ·      An insight of the financial strength of the company

 ·      Types of people they employ

 ·      About the work environment and culture

 ·      If they are active in the local community and/or have social staff events

 ·      If the company is more of a jacket and tie environment, or more laid back?


Having some knowledge about a potential employer and the company before an interview, can put you ahead of the competition and will certainly help you in deciding whether you are a good fit for the organization.


If nothing else, it will boost your confidence, help you to ask more insightful questions and avoid embarrassment from not being able to answer questions on things that you should have known.


Kind Regards,

E-JAM Staff

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e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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