Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting Employers and Jobseekers in a rapidly changing workforce

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Many of our Jamaican Employers are still not taking advantage of the benefits of online recruitment.  Yet, with the use of smart phones and easier access to the Internet, 90% of our Jobseekers are now searching for work online.

E-JAM’s online recruitment combined with our office support assists small, medium, or large companies to generate qualified potential candidates quickly, easily and at a fraction of print advertising costs. 

Using our online presence; blogs, newsletters and social media sites, we are able to reach and attract qualified candidates island-wide and overseas.  Based on clients’ requests, applications are shortlisted and pre-screened to ensure that they meet the job requirements.


Testimonial --- "The quality of the applicants have been amazing! They are great, hardworking and very friendly! Definitely, the best applicant pool we've received so far. My mom and I are excited about building this relationship with you all. We will definitely be placing more ads in the future! Thank you so much!"


Shanika R. - Manager at Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill


Benefits of E-JAM Online Recruitment:
1. Hundreds of Jobseekers register on our websites daily to find part-time, full-time, or freelance opportunities.
2. Job ads are posted for 30 days, or until specified.
3. Job ad is posted 24-48 hours once it is received and can be changed at any time.
4. A wider reach of potential candidates island-wide and overseas.
5. For maximum exposure job ads are promoted on our websites, social media sites, job alerts and in our monthly newsletters.
6. Applicants are able to view and apply to ads 24/7 from a computer or mobile device.
7. Applicants can send their resumes directly to your email, or E-JAM can collect resumes and send you a short list of only qualified candidates.
8. Option for Employer branding; company’s logo appears on our Home Page with a link to your ad and/or company’s website.
9. One fee charged for placing a job ad, not charged per hire; many candidates can be hired from one job ad.
10. 24/7 Employers’ support.


E-JAM CAN help to make the process of a new hire, less frustrating, more streamlined and cost effective.


 Employers have the option to choose one of the below recruitment options:

1. Do It Yourself Recruitment - Employers can manage their own campaign, with responses going directly to their email address.  E-JAM posts the job ad(s) and you review and pre-screen the applications.

2. Managed Service Plan - Ideal for saving Employers, even more time and money spent managing their own recruitment campaign – E-JAM does it all!  We will advertise your job ad; receive and filter all responses based on your specifications and requirements and forward a short list of qualified applications.

Candidates for your next vacancy are online right now!

Finding good talent is much more achievable with E-JAM’s online recruitment, combined with the personal touch of our recruitment team.


Please contact E-JAM to learn how online recruitment advertising can assist you in attracting and recruiting top talent.  Our online recruitment team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and get you started.


Call today! 877-234-EJAM (3526)

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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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